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Driving innovation, Delivering value - Your partner in Tech Excellence.

Partner with the Best

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efficiency and innovation.

Driving innovation, Delivering value - Your partner in Tech Excellence.

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Entreprise Salon Software Solution

Comprehensive platform designed to manage appointments, client relationships, inventory and billing for salons and spas.

CRM Software Solutions

Advanced CRM systems that streamline customer interaction and sales processes, providing tools for lead management, sales forecasting, customer segmentation, and marketing.

Healthcare Practice Software

HIPAA compliant Solutions tailored for healthcare providers, including electronic health records (EHR), appointment scheduling, billing and telehealth services

Retail Management Systems

Integrated platforms for retail operations, offering inventory management, point of sale (POS) systems, e-commerce integration, and customer loyalty programs

Accounting Software Solutions

Automates financial processes, including invoicing, payroll, expense tracking, and financial reporting.

Manufacturing & Supply Chain Software

Solutions for manufacturing operations and supply chain optimization, including production scheduling, inventory management, quality control, & logistics planning

Legal Practice Management Software

Tools designed for law firms and legal departments, encompassing case management, document management, time tracking, billing, and client communication

Learning Management Software

Platforms that facilitate online learning and educational administration, including course management, virtual classrooms, assessments, and student tracking.

Real Estate Management Software

Comprehensive tools for real estate agencies, property managers, and developers to manage listings, client portfolios, property maintenance, and lease agreements.

Hospitality Management Solutions

Tailored software solutions for hotels, resorts, and restaurants to manage their day-to-day operations and businesses.

Ecommerce & Online Marketplace Platforms

Tailored solutions for creating and managing online stores and marketplaces.

Project Management & Logistics

Platforms that facilitate project planning, resource allocation, task tracking, team collaboration, file sharing, real-time updates.

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Access everything you need to deliver your services with one simple, secure solution.

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We offer a structed onboarding process covering data migration, system setup, and user training, along with seamless integration with existing solutions.

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Experience a fusion of quality and affordability with our subscription based plansn and customizable software solutions.

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Transforming Businesses With Smart Integrated Software Solutions

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An intuitive & efficient solution for businesses of all sizes.


Built for mental health & wellness practices.

Stay organized with out MentBay Electronic Medical Records platform, client portal, and e-wallet for easily billing


Built for social workers & Non-Profits.

Track beneficiaries, teams, schedules, and inventories with our paperless solution.


Built for medical practices & practitioners.

Customizable EHR software for optimized patient care.

Custom Solutions

Built for multi-industry practices and businesses.

Digitize, simplify and automate your business or practice.

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The KandidPulse team helped me automate my workflows, saving me time on repetitive tasks . Now, I can focus on providing quality service to my clients and growing my organization.

Jonathan W. Livingston, CA

I love that this system allows me to remain organized and streamlined as I juggle wearing multiple hats at my practice.

Doris J. Austin, TX

A lot of my social workers use "paper and pen" to save money. But I knew that I wanted more, so I adopted a white-label solution that could grow with me.

Vanessa M. Chigago, IL

The KandidPulse team helped me automate my workflows, saving me time on repetitive tasks . Now, I can focus on providing quality service to my clients and growing my organization.

Jonathan W. Livingston, CA

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